Revenue in March. Numbers

March has been a fantastic month for my service. We made approximately $520 in sales. This is very small when compared with other similar services, but for me this is a trebling in growth compared to the previous month!

In February, the service turnover was $160, and in March we tripled that. I have received up to 15 requests for custom illustrations, sales have grown noticeably, and it’s all absolutely ad-free. I am active on social networks to promote my site and I have been mentioned by various blogs about design news or design resources.

I think this is just the beginning, and the site will show even more aggressive growth going forward. I will keep you informed!

Igor Kapustin

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Founder of — illustrations for landings, startups & SaaS products ✨

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Igor Kapustin

Igor Kapustin

Founder of — illustrations for landings, startups & SaaS products ✨

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